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  • Sarah Carney

Programmatic Comes to the Big Screen

Updated: May 28

Download our programmatic overview here

Over the past two years, NCM has transformed cinema advertising with a series of first-to-market data solutions and innovative research studies, reinforcing cinema’s capabilities as a performance-driven premium video solution for advertisers.

Now, NCM has done it again, bringing the big screen into the programmatic video landscape.

With this addition, media buyers can now access efficient, data-driven trading with the highest quality inventory in the marketplace and reach the coveted young, diverse movie audience.

Cinema impressions are available programmatically across the entire NCM platform through full national buys, or any combination of theaters on a regional, market level, or hyper local basis.

This advancement gives NCM clients unprecedented access to inventory in front of high-quality, premium content that drives the cultural conversation (Barbenheimer, anyone?).

Cinema provides a fraud-free environment (no bots, just moviegoers), the most engaged, opt-in, lean-in audience, and the highest attention scores in media.

Cinema's attention scores are:

2x-3x Greater than live sports, FAST nets, premium AVOD, digital premium and podcasts

7x-16x Higher than social, digital media

In fact, in-theater campaigns are 54% more effective at driving attention and business outcomes than digital benchmarks.

Marketers can activate programmatic inventory on NCM’s big screens via private marketplace (PMP) or Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) deals. This inventory is available through our launch SSP Place Exchange on most DSPs,** including Basis, DV360, Roku, Stackadapt, OutMoove, Yahoo! DSP, The Trade Desk, Quotient and many more.

Targeting is available by DMA, day of week, zip code, time of day, film rating and genre. Research options are available for Programmatic Guaranteed campaigns.

Download our programmatic overview here

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*Exceptions are Vistar and Hivestack. Sources: Cinema Attention Measurement Study, Lumen (2023); Adelaide Analysis.


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