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Attention 2.0:
Cinema Ad Attention

The media buying marketplace has transacted on proxy metrics for too long. Reach and impressions are approximations, yet they are the currency for billions of dollars in video ad buys each year. As media consumers ourselves, we know that exposure is not even close to the whole story of ad engagement and effectiveness. So, what is the alternative?

Measuring Attention

Attention is the metric media planners and buyers should be prioritizing when making their media buying decisions. It is the gateway to key business outcomes; without consumer attention to an ad, there is no brand awareness, consideration or action taken. 

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Key Findings


Cinema ads draw greater attention than all ads on all competing platforms across creative lengths and categories.


Cinema’s lead in average seconds viewed increased for 30-second ads when measured
with a broader sample vs. 2022.


Storytelling triumphs on the big screen; attention scores drop on other premium video platforms as ad length increases.


Big-ticket items and trust-centric categories thrive in cinema. Insurance, Pharma and Government garner high attention, along with Auto, Retail, and Tech.


High attention is consistent across both blockbusters and smaller movie titles.


Cinema’s Attention Advantage ranges from 2x to 6x that of linear live sports, FAST Networks, and premium AVOD.


Big screen Attention Advantage spans across key age breaks and DEI consumers.

Attention 1.0

Enter Attention Metrics. Growing in appeal among marketers, brands, and agencies as a means of leveling the playing field across media – ‘attention’ is quickly developing into the video ad industry’s unifying metric of efficiency and efficacy. This important revolution in media measurement is due to studies that show a statistically significant predictive value between attention scores and the advertising’s ultimate performance. These higher attention scores can directly correlate to increased sales lift, foot traffic, and app downloads, among other campaign objectives.


Moviegoers Make Better Consumers

As the largest cinema advertising network in the US, we’ve always known that there is something more to “dinner and a movie” than just a cliché when it comes to movie audiences’ desire to shop and spend on and around the movie experience. Now in a new breakthrough report, Economic Impact Study: Moviegoing as an Indicator of Spend, a predictive relationship between moviegoing and elevated consumer spend is proven.
Developed in partnership by
 National CineMedia (NCM) and Affinity Solutions (AFS), the leading consumer purchase data platform, the study was based on the activity of over 100 million consumers and the more than 8 million weekly moviegoers. The report provides actionable insights on when, where and how consumers are spending on and around the movie day experience.

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