National CineMedia (NCM) unites your brand with the power of the movies anytime, anywhere.
We’re the creators of Noovie®, a fully integrated suite of products designed to innovate the moviegoing experience in ways that help brands tap into the excitement, emotion, and magic of the movies.
In movie theaters, we engage audiences with exciting programming in our Noovie pre-show. We also go beyond the big screen with editorial content on, our Noovie Trivia and Noovie Arcade gaming apps, and robust audience data and digital advertising capabilities to create the perfect immersive marketing solution for your brand.
Reaching Your Audience
We reach over 700 million moviegoers each year and can deliver your brand audience at scale.
Nearly 50% of our audience are Adults 18-34, a valuable advertising demographic that may be difficult to reach with TV and other traditional platforms
Over 150 million available first- and second-party data subjects and growing
4.5+ million app downloads
We provide custom audience targeting solutions that connect the big screen to the digital screen.
Telling Your Brand’s Story
There’s no better place to connect your brand with entertainment audiences than through cinema advertising. Integrate the engaging and immersive environment of the movie theater with the personal experience of our trivia and gaming apps, and your brand stays with the audience long after the credits roll.
Ways you can integrate your advertising message with our Noovie suite, including:
Movie tie-ins
Noovie Studios: Our in-house creative agency building strategic and creative integrations
Exclusive custom editorial content and storytelling
High-impact placement and sponsorships
Immersive consumer experiences
Making Your Brand Culturally Relevant
Don’t just be on trend. Set trends by aligning with the world’s best content.
Delivering Results
Give us your KPIs and we’ll give you real results. We boost brand metrics, engagement metrics, and most importantly, attribution metrics.
A few client results:
added revenue
foot traffic
purchasing intent
Getting Started
Ready to learn more about putting your brand on the big screen? Let’s talk.