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Always current. Always entertaining. And featuring today’s top talent and hottest creators, Noovie® gives moviegoers a deeper connection to pop culture. Let your brand be part of the conversation through sponsored content, creative distribution strategies, and exclusive access to film IP. Engage our audiences through experiential opportunities, VIP screenings, and QR Codes that drive consumer action. It’s all part of the show.


NCM and OceanX have joined forces to raise awareness about ocean conservation with never-before-seen footage on the big screen for the first time.

Film expert Perri Nemiroff interviews
Hollywood’s biggest names and rising stars.

Cultural Celebrations highlight special voices within the entertainment industry who have made a positive impact.

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Maria Menunous

Big Screen Talent

Our Noovie pre-show features a diverse group of Hollywood insiders and influencers who have become fan favorites. Noovie talent share what’s now and what’s next on the big screen with their millions of followers and with moviegoers everywhere.

Maria Menounos

Host. Influencer. Advocate. Expert. As the face of the Noovie Pre-show, Emmy-award winner Maria Menounos shares her knowledge and experience, with insights and access that bring moviegoers that much closer to Hollywood.

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Noovie Studios

Engage moviegoers with custom cinematic brand stories created by our own in-house studio. From live action, animation and motion graphics to experiential and influencer marketing and more, Noovie® Studios offers full creative services from ideation through production at any scale.

Partner Series

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NCM has teamed up with Emmy Award-winning Religion of Sports for a first-of-its-kind cinema partnership to bring diverse, real-life stories of athletes and sports to the big screen. Religion of Sports creates a space for thoughtful, elevated narratives about athletes that explore a range of themes and uncover why sports matter. 


OceanX is a non-profit on a mission to inspire change by exploring and documenting unseen areas of the oceans.  The work they do and content they produce is meant to educate and foster a community dedicated to protecting marine life and our planet. 


Highlighting a diverse array of fashion designers and their work.

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Our partnership with ATTN: creates an intersection between Hollywood and purpose-driven storytelling. This engaging, multi-channel content puts the spotlight on important, current social and cultural stories and brings brands into the conversation.

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We've partnered with Tastemade to create premium lifestyle programming that speaks to a global community of Millennial and Gen Z audiences. This content embraces cultural themes and consumer passions, and lives across cinema and digital platforms.

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National CineMedia (NCM) is America's Movie Network. As the largest cinema advertising platform in the U.S., we unite brands with young, diverse audiences through the power of movies and popular culture. NCM’s advertising network of movie theatres offers broad reach and unparalleled audience engagement with more than 18,400 screens in over 1,450 theaters in 190 Designated Market Areas® (all of the top 50). NCM Digital and Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising networks go beyond movie theaters extending the reach of big screen campaigns into online, mobile, and place-based marketing programs to reach movie and entertainment lovers everywhere.

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