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  • Kerry Flynn

Media Leaders Dispel Myths with Data

Updated: Mar 26

Media organizations that hone in on their strength can overcome the ongoing disruption of audience fragmentation.

Why it matters: Convincing, data-supported narratives are increasingly crucial as digital platforms acquire a greater share of ad dollars.

What they're saying: "The movies are always dead — the invention of TV, the invention of the VCR and then streaming came. ... How do you dispel the myth? The data," National CineMedia CMO Amy Tunick said at a panel Kerry moderated for Kite Hill PR's Women in Media series last week.

  • "73% of adults ages 18 to 49 are going to the movies this year. The numbers are just massive," Tunick said.

Zoom in: National CineMedia, an ad network for movie theater screens, emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy last August. Tunick's pitch for ad buyers is audience attention, which was validated last year in a Lumen study.

  • "Attention metrics ... in a fragmented world has become a really valuable currency," Tunick said Thursday.

  • "Reasons include the size of ads on theater screens and a proper mindset to be entertained and engaged after having paid for a ticket, said Tunick.

Meanwhile, embraces social platforms for audience growth while luring people back to its own ad-supported website by keeping the majority of its content there.


  • The news outlet publishes 60 articles a day on Snapchat. But it posts more than 1,500 articles, 10,000 pictures and 2,500 videos every day, CRO Linda Villani said.

  • The company has experimented with building and growing topic-specific audiences on TikTok with accounts for pop culture, sports and gaming. It has more than 10.4 million followers.

  • "We test things, and when they work, we really keep a focus on it," Villani said.


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