NCM is America's largest cinema advertising network

We provide national, regional and local brands access to over 750 million moviegoers. Planning and buying is easy at a one-stop-shop that delivers your ad in the Noovie pre-show across the nation. Including the movies in your marketing plan has never been more efficient, consistent and turnkey.

Do you want massive REACH to a highly qualified AUDIENCE in the most ENGAGING way? Contact us to advertise to moviegoers next to the biggest names in entertainment.

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Share the screen with

the world’s best content

Movies are at the heart of American culture. With the biggest budgets, best talent, and blockbuster storytelling it’s primetime, live event programming every week.

You’ve been there. That 50-foot screen, HD image and surround sound create an all-encompassing experience in a captive environment — making it the most effective way to reach and engage audiences. No distractions. No DVR. No remote control. Imagine if you could tap into that emotional connection right in the moment. Oh wait... you can.



The #1 network on weekends

NCM’s average weekly audience translates to a Nielsen rating of over 8.4 in adults 18 to 49, making Noovie one of the top 10 primetime shows in the U.S. every week. In terms of average monthly reach, we rank 5th right between the Broadcast and major Cable Networks. And to no surprise, NCM is the largest reach network on weekends. And that’s only our movie screens - our reach goes beyond that.

We’ve got integrated, digital video platforms that capture the attention of millions of moviegoers before, during and after the movie. The best part is, we’re not just reaching an audience. We’re reaching the right audience — your target audience.

Do we have your attention? Because we most definitely have theirs.

Bigger really is better

Today, people are in full control of what they watch. As advertisers, you are constantly battling fragmented audiences, declining reach, and ad-skipping technology. Who’s even watching your ads anymore?

That’s where we come in.

Our audience is in full “show me what you got” mode — staring up at a giant screen in a dark, comfortable movie theater. They are fully focused on your ad and we can prove it. According to Nielsen, NCM gets 33% higher engagement levels than live sports and broadcast prime TV.

Call NCM to harness the power of America’s Movie Network.