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Cinema in the Media Mix: Benchmarking Attention to Cinema Ads vs All Other Media

Enter Attention Metrics. Growing in appeal among marketers, brands, and agencies as a means of leveling the playing field across media – ‘attention’ is quickly developing into the video ad industry’s unifying metric of efficiency and efficacy. This important revolution in media measurement is due to studies that show a statistically significant predictive value between attention scores and the advertising’s ultimate performance. These higher attention scores can directly correlate to increased sales lift, foot traffic, and app downloads, among other campaign objectives.

Developed in partnership by National CineMedia(NCM) and Lumen. Moviegoers were recruited to participate in the study and watch a showing of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” at a movie theater in Los Angeles. The audience was exposed to a pre-show ad reel consisting of a mix of brands.


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