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Lights, Camera, Attention! Your Brand on the Big Screen

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

After the record-breaking 'Barbenheimer' release, cinema is once again proving to be one of the most powerful marketing platforms in the world. Putting your brand on screen is an opportunity to become part of cultural moments in a brand-safe, attentive environment.

Millennial and Gen Z audiences are the key demographics brands want to reach today, but they’re notoriously, and increasingly, difficult to connect with. Most 18-34-year-olds are connected to social media and on their phones throughout the day, leading marketers to assume those channels are the best options to leverage. But between ad blockers, skip buttons, ad fraud, and more, digital advertising’s ambiguous landscape can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark.

If only there were a platform with a captive audience, unskippable ads, and targeted reach. A place where ads can take on a life of their own and connect with audiences in a way that is meaningful. A space where the consumer is not only expecting ads but are often excited to see them.

Enter movie theater advertising.

To keep it simple, moviegoers are watching ads, not just seeing them. A study commissioned by NCM found that ads played in movie theaters ranked at the top (#1) for consumers’ attention when measured against all other video platforms. This means ads before movies outperform your favorite social media, streaming service, and basically any other place where video content is consumed.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Movie theaters are one of the few places left where phones are discouraged – and unlike being at home – there are little to no distractions. Compared to watching Linear TV and other platforms where it’s easy to multitask (check social, text, talk on the phone, etc) or even leave the room during ad breaks, cinema is the destination to connect with an engaged audience that is ready to lean into entertainment.

Running your campaign in cinema offers unique benefits to advertising plans. The Attention Study previously mentioned found there is a direct correlation between attention metrics and brand recall and brand choice. Higher attention metrics (hint: ads at the movie theater) lead directly to improved ad performance, which can increase sales lift, foot traffic, app downloads, and more. Our young, diverse audience also provides incremental reach to Linear and CTV plans, as they are ‘unreachable’ in traditional media and unplugged at the movies.

Cinema advertising today is a proven, effective way to connect with a target audience – and serves as a great complement to CTV, Linear TV, and social media campaigns. NCM is that perfect bridge between brands and the oh-so-elusive young, diverse, engaged audience that’s paying attention.

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