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Taking Your Brand’s Data to the Next Level with Cinema

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The moviegoing experience is about more than just seeing your favorite new film on a 40-foot screen. It is the anticipation.

The lead-up to the start of the movie is just as much part of the experience as popcorn. The quiet murmur of the crowd as they settle into their seats, the dim lights, newest trailers, latest advertisements and pre-movie content all work together to create an atmosphere of excitement the show. After all, who wants to go to an AMC and miss Nicole Kidman?

However, not all movie ads are created equally. It’s important that your ad and messaging align with that of the movie. After all, who wants to see a liquor ad before Paw Patrol? Or a diaper ad before The Exorcist? A great cinema experience is about everything working cohesively to create an experience on-brand with the film on screen.

This is why advertisements and movies must be aligned.

Advertising doesn’t start when you see the ad run, it starts during planning with cinema advertising platforms such as NCM. It is our job to ensure that we know your audience and how to reach them. Having access to key moviegoing data is the difference between a liquor ad being shown to an audience of 8-year-olds or 21-year-olds.

This is where NCM comes in. NCM gives brands access to the data platform NCMx, empowering marketers to pinpoint their exact audiences using location, behavior and contextual targets, creating a seamless transition from ads to the start of the film. NCMx allows you to attract custom audiences in theaters as well as on digital screens before and after attending movies. This means the parents who see your diaper ad before PAW Patrol (and not The Exorcist) will see another ad on their mobile device later.

This advanced targeting combined with NCM’s industry-leading attention metrics is a marketing 1-2 punch that will make sure your ad sticks with the viewer and drives KPIs, ROI, and every other important acronym.

Theaters already have the audience and the attention, now they have the data to back it up. The ability to slice and dice audience data, understand who is seeing brand messages, who is acting on them and who is coming back for more has made the big screen something unique in today’s media marketplace - a powerful brand building and performance medium. Brands seeking to ensure every dollar they spend is worthwhile and make their audience take action now have an ideal platform to optimize their investments.


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