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File Delivery: DEN

To upload your media via MASV:


1. Go to:


2. Upload the media using the Drag and Drop feature.


3. Complete the Title field with the name of the spot.


4. Complete the Advertiser Name field.


5. Complete the Email field. You will receive a confirmation email if the upload was successful.


6. Click the Send Package button to submit the file.


7. A transfer screen will appear. When the transfer is complete, close the window.


Zip files are not accepted.

Avoid using special characters in the Title.


National CineMedia (NCM) is the largest cinema advertising platform in the US. With unparalleled reach and scale, NCM connects brands to sought-after young, diverse audiences through the power of movies and pop culture. A premium video, full-funnel marketing solution for advertisers, NCM enhances marketers' ability to measure and drive results. NCM’s The Noovie® Show is presented exclusively in 42 leading national and regional theater circuits, including the only three national chains, AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings, Inc. and Regal Entertainment Group. NCM’s cinema advertising platform consists of more than 18,200 screens in over 1,400 theaters in 190 Designated Market Areas® (all of the Top 50). 

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