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Discover NCM:
Cinema Advertising Reimagined

The Most Premium Video Full Funnel Advertising Solution in the Media Marketplace

Cinema advertising transformed: From a brand building medium to one of the most effective brand AND performance marketing options in today’s media landscape. Unrivaled reach and scale; a coveted young, diverse audience; measurable with the highest attention metrics; in a brand safe and culturally relevant ad environment… today NCM is truly one of the most premium video content solutions for advertisers. What makes us unique?

We get elusive audiences

Young, diverse and at the movies.

We have the most engaged young and diverse audience, with 73% of all adults 18-49 going to the movies this year and 7 out of 10 moviegoers attending for blockbuster opening weekends! Each week they show up for an immersive shared experience tied to the world’s best, brand safe content.  We get massive audiences to come to NCM theaters where they connect with our clients’ ads.

Fun Fact: Did you know that cinema delivers more A18-49…than the top 9 TV shows combined from the 2023 TV season?



Median Age


Diverse Weekly


Cord-cutters /


Greater spend than the general population


Fun Fact: Did you know that movies dominated social chatter in 2023? Super Mario Bros. started the buzz which led right into Guardians. Then Barbie AND Barbenheimer buzz was astronomical. Just when that started to die down, Taylor’s concert film took off. The closest celeb to any of these movies’ social chatter was Lionel Messi.

We get powerful cultural moments

Movies drive the cultural conversation.

FOMO effect: More A18+ went opening weekend (18.5M) of Barbenheimer than attended all four major league sporting events (14.4M) over 12 months.

Barbenheimer ratings topped 63 prime shows combined and the Top 20 AVOD streaming shows!

5X's the number of people who attended the Eras tour concert saw the film in cinema!

We get data, analytics and insights

NCMx, our data intelligence platform, revolutionizes cinema measurement.

Powered by one of the largest deterministic moviegoer datasets in the industry, NCMx provides full funnel marketing solutions from planning through post-campaign analysis.

Fun Fact: Did you know that NCM gets 50% brand lift and xx % (Data point here)?

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Awareness Lift

Sales Lift

Asset 6.png
Asset 5.png


Higher QR Code Engagement
(vs. CTV)


Foot-Traffic Lift
(QSR | Retail | Auto)


We get and prove business outcomes

NCM Delivers on Every KPI.

​Whether you’re looking for ad recall, app downloads or increased foot-traffic, NCM has the  studies to prove campaign success tied to distinct KPIs.


NCM now provides participating clients with advanced audience, attention, sales lift and foot traffic guarantees as part of NCM’s data driven ad solutions offerings.  


Fun Fact: NCM has already seen up to 30% sales lift, more than 50% lift in foot traffic and two times the incremental revenue across a variety of campaigns and categories.

We get creativity on the big screen.

Our in-house studio produces custom content

Activate your brand story from the trailer drop through the post-movie buzz. 


Fun Fact: Recent e.l.f. partnership featured the longest piece of branded content (15 mins!) in our Noovie Show!


Quality of environment

Brand safety

Transparency & legitimacy

We get brand safety.

Cinema is a trusted, fraud free environment delivering ads to real people.

Don’t just take it from us! The VAB calls Cinema the most premium of all premium video platforms. This is like having an industry seal of approval. The VAB defines Premium Video as content delivered transparently, in a trusted brand-safe environment, seen by real people within a high-quality viewing experience.

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